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The Ethics of Yoga



– from the archives of the Yoga Teacher Training program-
If you are a YTT attendee, this is to be memorized.

This writing below has been taken and translated from the Ancient Yoga Text called the Yoga Sutra and has been written by the Sage Patanjli. Read on, as this has changed countless seekers lives, it may help guide you along as well.

“When a yogin becomes qualified by practicing Yama and Niyama, then the yogin can proceed to asana and the other means.”
– Yoga Bhashya Vivarana (II.29)

patanjali sutras

The Yama’s and Niyama’s are the ethical precepts set forth in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as the first and second of the eight limbs of yoga.   They are the foundation of our practice without which no spiritual progress along the path of yoga can be made.


YAMA: Precepts of Social Discipline


Ahimsa — Non-violence. Ahimsa is first for we must practice it in all the other observance’s. Being non violent in our words is essential

Satya — Truthfulness. Living, thinking and speaking the truth.

Asteya — Non-stealing.   Not taking that which is not given.

Brahmacarya — Sexual responsibility. The spirit of this precept is conservation of energy for the purpose of spiritual practice.

Aparigraha — Abstention from greed. Not coveting that which is not ours.


NIYAMA: Individual internal Discipline


Sauca – Cleanliness.   Not only external cleanliness of the body, but attending to internal cleanliness such as avoiding the impurities of thought.   Moderation in diet is recommended.

Santosa – Contentment. Acceptance of the external situation we are allotted in this life. Believing all is as its meant to be.

Tapas – Austerity. Having an intense practice with religious fervor. Not giving up. Most commonly observed as taking on pain as a path to self transcendence. Pushing through the obstacles of the mind & body

Svadhyaya – Self-study.   Spiritual self-education.   Contemplation and application of the scriptures or sacred texts.

Isvara pranidhana – Surrender of the self to God. Making everything an offering to the Divine.

read more in our Yoga Teacher Training Manual

YTT Policies

Terms and Conditions-

All YTT attendees must become pre-approved to enter our trainings. This involves going to our application page & answer the essays and email them to us along with a current photo and a $50 application deposit. Email to Once the application is received and reviewed, we will have a phone consult. Please inform us of your number & a good time to reach you. Once this application has been received, We will respond within 2 weeks via email.

Upon acceptance, your reservation deposit is due. Final payments are to be made according to the schedule on the application. Cancellations over 45 days to the start of a program incur a $200 processing fee with the balance applied to a future Yoga Oasis or Maui Hot Yoga TT program within 2 years. Cancellations 20-45 days to the start of the program incur a $500 processing fee with the balance applied to a future YTT program within 2 years. There are no refunds once the YTT has been paid in full. YTT payments may only be transferred to another of our trainings and/or studio credit. All fees are final and non refundable.

National certification is issued by Yoga Alliance after you send them a copy of our signed completion certificate. Yoga Alliance has the right to charge their required fees, and these fees are separate from our YTT fees. Visit for more information.

By signing and dating this application, you are ensuring you are in good health, and have consulted with a physician before beginning the program. You are required to submit a note from a doctor or health practitioner certifying you are in good health.

During the teacher training you take full responsibility for your well being and any pain or injuries arising from participation in classes, physical exercise, and postures done on the premises and also in private or public areas where the training occurs. Participants hold neither Yoga Oasis, Mary Grace, nor any of its instructors responsible for any injuries or disturbances that may be experienced during the training.

Certification requirements must be fulfilled during the training. The center will notify you of special assignments, and advise you about completion requirements. Credit fulfillment is mandatory for graduation. To this end, make-up hours are offered by pre-approval at an extra cost. The graduation certificate is presented by Mary Grace after completion of all evaluations and payment of all fees. A graduation ceremony will be scheduled and you will be notified in advance.

By responding to this agreement,
 I hereby accept all terms and conditions listed above and acknowledge this application to be my signature.

$500 Deposit is required 45 days before the training begins.

Full payment is required 14 days before the program begins.
If you are approved for the payment plan,

$1000 is required 14 days before the program begins. Some work exchange for $500 off is available

(not including the $550 deposit)

Yoga Oasis Hot Yoga Teacher

1. Included in each course application fee is a non-refundable, non-transferable $50.00 application fee.

2. The $500 registration fee is required to hold your spot, and to receive scheduling & housing information.
This is non refundable and may be transferred to another of our trainings within 2 years.

3. Upon acceptance, your reservation deposit is due. Final payments are to be made according to the schedule on the application. Cancellations over 45 days to the start of a program incur a $200 processing fee with the balance applied to a future Yoga Oasis or Maui Hot Yoga TT program within 2 years. Cancellations 20-45 days to the start of the program incur a $500 processing fee with the balance applied to a future YTT program within 2 years. There are no refunds once the YTT has been paid in full. YTT payments may only be transferred to another of our trainings and/or studio credit.

4. Customers canceling with less than 14 days notice may incur other transaction fees, depending on payment method. They also forfeit the $500 registration fees. The remaining balance is kept on file as a credit to be applied to a future teacher training within 2 years from the date the order was processed. Any remaining balances due must be paid two weeks prior to the training.

5. Customers not attending a training and failing to contact us in advance (i.e., “no-shows”) will forfeit all registration fees; no refund/credit will be issued. All missed classes must be pre informed to us in writing to Mary Grace, otherwise you will be charged for classes.

6. All trainings are subject to cancellation, and in such cases, customers will be notified in advance and be provided with various options. Please call to confirm any training(s) prior to making any travel arrangements.

7. We deserve the right to certify those who properly follow the YTT program. Adhering to the yoga ethics is mandatory during the training. Proper decorum is required for all students of our yoga trainings. The inability to adhere to the basic ethical yogic life during the training may forfeit certification.

8. Full attendance is required to receive course credit, and all homework assignments must be completed to receive certification.

9. You are responsible for your own food, water, towels, accommodations and ride to and from the airport. You will also be responsible for any extra fees, known & unknown that are not a part of the Yoga Teacher Training program.

10. Our ultimate goal is to provide outstanding education. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your training upon arrival, a credit towards a future registration for the same training with a different instructor will be issued if a written and verbal cancellation is made within the first hour of attendance. Your learning about yoga is our goal.

any more questions email

YTT Rates

Yoga Teacher Training Rates

$50 application fee &
$500 Registration fee
200 YTT is $2000/
$2550 total

300 YTT is $3000/
$3550 total

500 YTT is $4000/
$4550 total

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Yoga Training Schedules



We offer two different types of teacher trainings.
Month long full day programs &  weekend workshops.

New York Teacher Trainings are every March- June and October- December.
All of our trainings incorporate our self published Hot Yoga Teacher Training manual with reading materials & assignments. We are confident that the most unique part of our training is the in depth study of Yoga Philosophy, psychology, yogic diet, physiology & anatomy in simple terms. This unique manual is an integral part of the yoga teacher training.

Some students may start a training & finish it later within the year, with pre approval in writing for special situations.
Future trainings follow these sample schedules below. If these are not for the dates you are interested in, your training will be similar, as these are the model schedules for all of our trainings.

Upcoming Teacher Training dates:
200 & 300hr Maui-300 hour teachers tune up retreat- January 15-February 13, 2016
200 & 300hr-Maui- 200 hr full month program- February 2-27, 2016
200 & 300hr-New York- March -June 1, 2016- weekends only

200 & 300hr- Maui- August 1-29, 2016
200 & 300hr-New York-September-November 2016

Advanced trainings, such as 300 & 500 hour programs are ongoing, contact us for more details


Maui Trainings are at
Maui Hot Yoga
115 East Lipoa st #202, Kihei Hawaii 96753
for more info & housing info

New York trainings are at
Yoga Oasis West
t100 Woodbury rd, Woodbury NY 11797

Maui full day month long program
basic schedule breakdown is listed here

6 am morning meditation
7 -8am Vinyasa Yoga class
9:30-11am Hot Yoga class
11:00-11:30am- Pranayama, breathing & meditation
11:30-2:30pm- beach break
2:30-5:30pm-Yoga Alignment principles, anatomy & physiology workshops
6-7:30pm class observation/assisting/teaching

New York Full day month long program
basic schedule breakdown is listed here:


6 am morning meditation
7 am Vinyasa Yoga class
9:30-11am Hot Yoga class
11-12 break
12-2 Ashtanga yoga training
2-4 Yoga Alignment principles, anatomy & physiology
4-5:30 Hot Yoga class (optional break)(may alternate with the 6 pm class) Observing, assisting, mentoring & teaching
6-7:30 Hot Yoga Class (optional break)(may alternate with the 4 pm class)

6 am morning meditation
8-9:30 am Hot Yoga class
10-11:30am Vinyasa yoga class
11:30-12 break
12-4 pm Yoga Posture clinics & Teaching Methodology

Total of 200 hours, including meditations, yoga classes, workshops, posture clinics, homework & study time.

New York Weekends only sample schedule-
Saturdays & Sundays-
8am- Hot Yoga Class
10-11:30 am- Hot Vinyasa class
11:30-12:00pm-Pranayama & Meditation
2-3:30pm-Workshops, Teaching methodology & mentoring programs
4pm-class observation/ assisting training/teaching training
Included in all of the trainings are reading materials, study guides & homework assignments

Yoga Oasis Yoga Alliance National Certification 200 hr RYT training hours

Techniques training/practice-
50 hours workshops & 60 hours of Hot Yoga classes
Teaching Methodology-
25 hours of teaching methodology workshops
20 total hours 10 hours of workshops & 20 hours of homework & reading
Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle, ethics-
30 hours/20 contact hours Observing and assisting with assigned teacher on teaching

Electives-15 hours & 55 remaining contact hours Karma Hours, assisting in the studio 10 hours
40 hours workshops 40 Classes, 60 hours of classes Training total of 196 hours of classes, and add meditation hours
*mentoring/observing/teaching times vary with assigned teacher


Yoga Teacher Training overview

Maui Hot Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Overview:

At our Yoga Teacher Trainings you will receive a yoga teacher training manual. This manual will be your guide through the yoga training journey. Along with the materials in the manual, you are required to begin a meditation log, a daily journal, and daily writings about your food choices.

You will learn to discover your voice and will be encouraged to memorize a yoga class dialogue and you will be trained how to teach this dialogue with confidence and clarity.

You will leave this training from the first 200 hour program able to teach Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Athletic Yoga, Yoga in Gym Settings, and Core fitness programs with confidence & effective teaching skills that will have you teaching as soon as ONE MONTH!

The 200 hour program gives you a in depth study of Yoga History, Yoga Physiology, Yoga Physiology, The Yogic Diet, and lots of structural teaching skills. As well as Acro & Partner Yoga & Thai Yoga Therapy.

The 300 & the 500 hour program give you the teaching skills to conduct full 1hr-3 hour classes as well as retreats and workshops for all levels. Utilizing beginner to advanced smart flows for a wide range of capabilities, you will learn basic class management skills through a mentoring program. There is 100 hours of required teaching classes to be Nationally Certified by Yoga Alliance. We help you meet this goals on your terms with mentoring programs to suit your desired training interests. For example, some students are interested in opening up their own yoga schools, so they may do more computer & class management as well as effective marketing mentoring. Others may need to observe more classes and shadow assist the teacher to gain more advanced teaching skills. You will also learn many more Acro & Partner Yoga & Thai Yoga Therapy stretches and we have a lot of fun. We take pride in how we train each student on a one on one basis and help them to attain the confidence to share yoga with others, in any way they choose to.


* Yoga Alignment Theory
* Posture-Specific Alignment & benefits
* Science of optimal sequencing
* Effective posture assisting
* Adapting postures to the individual
* Use of props


* Experiencing Your Anatomy
* The Physiology of Asana, Breath & Meditation
* Physics, Body biomechanics & warning-signs
* The Science of Flexibility & Strength
* Advanced Release Techniques
* Exploring the Yogic Diet, Nutrition & Cleansing


* Prana & the Vayus
* Chakras and Nadis
* The Five Koshas
* Ayurvedic Fundamentals
* Mudras, chanting & energetic expression
* Adapting the practice to your energetic constitution
* Prana, the elements and nature


* History of Yoga
* Fundamental scriptures, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita
* Important teachers, paths and contributions
* Major schools and approaches to the practice


* Framework for safe & effective assisting & adjusting
* The Art of Effective Communicating
* The Power of Language & Vocal Control
* Demonstrating & Multitasking
* Managing group energy
* being a flexible teacher
* Cultivating confidence


* Anatomy and mechanics of breath
* Pranayama/breathing methodology
* Pranayama techniques in practice


* Meditation & the subtle body
* Meditation and the relaxation response
* Overview of meditation theory
* Major Techniques


* Overview of private client experience
* Intake, evaluation & prescription
* Anatomy of a private session
* Standard of care for private clients
* Ethics & boundaries
* Building your practice
* Fee structures & policies


* Cultivating life off the Mat
* Daily Sadhana – living the practice
* Ethics and the teacher


* How to get experience upon graduation
* Step-by-step plan to build a teacher career
* Step-by-step plan to build a private clientele
* Building your resume consciously
* Fundamentals of marketing,
* Fundamental of publicity
* Fundamentals of branding

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Yoga Teacher Training FAQ’s

Yoga Teacher Training Frequently asked questions

1. How do I know if I am ready for a yoga teacher training?
Our Yoga Teacher Training programs are all designed for all levels. Either you may want to teach yoga as your new career, and need assistance opening your own HOT yoga school, or you may be a brand new student to yoga who wants to learn more about yoga beyond the physical aspects. During our Yoga Teacher Trainings, we focus on the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga beyond the simple execution of moves. You may sit & observe any class, the only requirement we have is that you show up and participate to the best of your ability every class scheduled to meet the mandatory requirements. Not every participant wants a certification, some may just want the experience and to deepen their understanding and to receive the healing benefits of yoga. We strongly believe yoga is a healing journey, and it is an experience that varies greatly form person to person.

2. What will I learn in your yoga training?
You will learn a lot! We start by creating a foundation of yoga philosophy through an in depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In a 200 hr training you will learn basic yoga philosophy, psychology, anatomy, diet & nutrition as it pertains to yoga. You will be required to memorize at least 15 minutes of the dialogue, which we will provide for you to teach during our Yoga teacher training program. You will also learn the basics of use of props, modifications, assists, yoga for special needs, and the dynamics of conducting a safe yoga class. We have a strong focus on the health aspects of yoga. We strive to teach what is happening internally in each and every posture and believe hot yoga is a medical healing system. You will learn the basics of public speaking and how to talk with clear & direct effective communication. We also focus on the teachings of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. This means to us, how to live with a positive outlook on life. Our intention is to have the main influence of our trainings to be a life changing (Spiritual) experience for the individual, so that individual may share their own personal transformation with others, and perhaps make this world a better place.

4. Are the study materials included in the training fees?
Your student manual is included in the price of the training. Your textbooks are not, however they may be available to purchase at a discounted rate through your local studio. Please contact us for a reading list specific to your program.

5. When will I found out if I have been accepted into a program?
After you submit your completed Teacher Training Application, you will be contacted via email within 2 weeks with an official acceptance letter. Your payment will be processed upon acceptance. If you are not accepted into the program, your teacher training coordinator will present a pathway that will help you prepare for a future teacher training.

6. How many students are enrolled into a program at one time?
We generally like to keep our class size small, but have also learned from experience trainings work the best when we have 5-25 participants.

7. What qualifications do I need to be accepted into the program?
To qualify for one of our Teacher Training Programs, you must complete an application. Depending on the location and training you are applying fo, the application will include either a signature of approval and or letter of recommendation form. Students who are unable to obtain a Signature of Approval from an approved Yoga Oasis instructor may instead complete our Recommendation Form. Please refer to our application for instructions.

8. How rigorous is the training?
Our trainings all vary depending on which program you apply for. Our trainings offer several classes per day, depending on the training. Most days consist of two hot yoga classes back to back, a lunch break, then a three hour workshop. Each class day ends with a 90 minute class to observe, assist, mentor or to practice karma yoga.

9. What else is expected on me other then participating in classes?
You will be required to complete the homework, read the reading materials, and to be able to get up in front of the group and verbally teach some poses, as well as demonstrate and assist others. In order to complete you must participate in all our classes, as well as complete a written test. You will also be required to complete a verbal test by teaching a pose or a group of postures. The requirements vary from training to training.

10. What if I can not participate in every class because I am tired, sore or just needing a rest?
We have organized our program in such a way that participants may be in classes observing, mentoring, assisting, as well as helping out with the classes and will receive class credit even though you may not be able to fully execute the moves on your yoga mat. It is even OK to rest in childs pose and feel the classes more internally rather then externally.

11. What if I miss a class?
To obtain a diploma and letter of completion you must attend 100% of the classes to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements. However, we understand that you may not be able to foresee every conflict, so we have devised the following procedures if you must miss a class.

To get the most out of your Teacher Training Program, it is critically important that you attend the first four days of the Intensive Program.

If you miss 1-2 days, You may still complete the program with your class provided that you schedule a private session (or group session) with an Assistant Trainer at some point during the four weeks of the program. A two-hour private session equates to one day in the intensive. The cost of a private session is $100 per hour. Please contact the Assistant Trainer to schedule the make-up session. The maximum number of private make-up sessions is two.

If you miss 3-4 days, You will not be able to complete the program with your class, and you will need to make up the classes in a subsequent training. You may choose to make up the first two days you miss with a private session during your training, but the additional days you will need to take in a subsequent training.

The fee for retaking up to 4 days in a subsequent Intensive training is $100/day.

If you miss 5+ days, You will need to retake the program, at a discounted price, subject to space availability.


To get the most out of your Teacher Training Program, it is critically important that you attend the first four weekends of the Weekend Program.

If you miss 1-2 weekends: You may still complete the program with your class provided that you schedule a private session (or group session) with an Assistant Trainer at some point during the weeks of the program. A two hour private session equates to one weekend. The cost of a private session is $100 per hour. The maximum number of private make-up sessions is two.

If you miss 3 weekends: You will not be able to complete the program with your class, and you will need to make up the classes in a subsequent training. You may choose to make up the first weekends you miss with a private session during your training, but for the additional weekend you will need to take it in a subsequent training. The fee for retaking up to 3 weekends in a subsequent Weekend training is $150/weekend.

If you miss 4+ weekends: You will need to retake the program, at a discounted price, subject to space availability.

12. What is the difference between the different trainings you offer?
In an attempt to meet the scheduling needs of more of our students, we have created three different formats. The “4-week Intensive” is scheduled Monday-Friday for eight hours a day (typically 8:00 am-5:00 pm) over the span of 4 weeks. The “weekend” format spans over 12 weeks and is scheduled Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and one extra night during the week. In some cases we also offer an “Extended” format which meets once a month for three to four days in a row over a period of approximately 6 months. The same “core” content is covered in all of our 200-Hour Programs regardless of scheduled format, however, there are slight variances in our specialty discussions (Philosophy, Anatomy, Pregnancy, Ayurveda, etc.) to accommodate the schedules of our guest experts. It is important to note that all of our 200-Hour formats meet the required Yoga Alliance standards as specified on their website,

13. Do you offer scholarships and work exchange programs?
Yoga Oasis & Maui Hot Yoga both offer a limited number of partial scholarships each year to prospective students with exceptional circumstances. For a partial scholarship, Yoga Oasis offers a discount off the full tuition in exchange for 100 hours of a work-exchange position. Positions range from being an In-Training Assistant (ITA) to marketing and retail assistance. To apply for a scholarship, please contact the teacher training department for an application. Spaces are limited & not guaranteed to be available for every session.

14. How much time should I expect to spend on homework?
Expect to spend between 8 to 12 hours per week on written assignments and class observations. The homework is designed to support the material covered in class and help you integrate what is presented into your own practice and teaching. If you are not planning on teaching after this course, you may choose not to complete all of the homework assignments and take the course for non-credit. However, if you wish to receive your Diploma and Letter of Completion for the course, you must attend all the sessions and complete all the homework assignments.

15. Do you organize accommodations?
In some cases, we can direct you to condo rental services. We do not offer any accommodations for our programs, but Craig’s list ( is a great source for finding short-term housing. Simply select the state and region, and it provides some wonderful links for housing rentals.

16. What is Yoga Alliance?
Yoga Alliance is an organization that was started in 1999 as a way to create nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings. More and more yoga studios across the country are requiring their teachers to register with the Yoga Alliance, either at the 200 or 500 hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, however, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. Currently there are no legal certification requirements to be a yoga teacher. Yoga Alliance has their own fees which are separate from the fees of your Yoga Oasis certification.

17. Will I be qualified to teach once I complete the 200 hour program?
With the successful completion of all the requirements of the program, including contact hours, homework, and exam, you will receive your Letter of Completion and Diploma evidencing your training at the 200-Hour Level. You may also register with the Yoga Alliance ( at the RYT-200 level (Registered Yoga Teacher 200).

Graduates of the 200-hour program usually begin teaching in small studios, gyms, with private clientele (friends and family), etc. Many new teachers decide to continue their Teacher Training education and participate in our 300-Hour Professional Program as a way to further solidify their skills, knowledge and style as a yoga instructor. The Yoga Oasis Professional Program offers a curriculum that builds on the material presented in Oasis’ initial 200 hour training as well as a six-month apprenticeship with a senior teacher whom trainees assist weekly, and meet with monthly to gain valuable in-class experience and one-on-one attention. This training is a thorough, professional training for becoming a highly skilled yoga teacher. It rounds out and solidifies a teacher’s complete education. Once a trainee has successfully completed 500 hours, they are eligible to apply for Yoga Oasis Certification. Although it is a highly recommended path, you do not need to be Yoga Oasis certified in order to teach yoga.