What is Hot Yoga?

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Our rooms are heated to 105 degrees with just the perfect amount of humidity to make you sweat, with enough fresh clean air to help you feel great. We purify our rooms with ozone & ions and have air purification.

We will assist you to reach your fitness goals
and feel your best best ever.

Our Hot Yoga is a series of postures scientifically designed to give a comprehensive workout to the entire body. In each workout, muscles, ligaments and tendons are warmed and stretched in a specific sequence. New practitioners are often surprised at how fast their core strength is built and the amazing vibrant health that is rapidly achieved through a regular practice.
Internal organs and glands are gently massaged and the heated room ensures that participants will sweat helping them to flush toxins out of their system. In this intense cardiovascular workout, fresh, oxygenated blood is brought into to every part of the body cleansing and rejuvenating the entire system.

The result is a workout like none other. One that has been embraced by thousands of people ranging from sports enthusiasts to people suffering ailments to those who just want to stay fit. Proper weight, good muscle tone and vibrant health are some of the many rewards experienced by regular participants.

Some of the many ailments and diseases that can be successfully treated by hot yoga include arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and many, many more. For those in good health, keeping the body in great shape can greatly reduce the chance of these ailments happening in the first place.

In addition to the many physical benefits there are others as well. Increased concentration, willpower and mental clarity are just some changes that are commonly reported.

So if you’re ready for vibrant health and to get the workout of your life, we invite you to visit us at Maui Hot Yoga. We guarantee that through a consistent practice, you will look younger, feel younger and achieve amazing levels of health and happiness.

Maui Hot Yoga is located at 115 East Lipoa street in Kihei Hawaii.

We offer many classes each day as well as yoga retreats, yoga vacations, and life changing yoga teacher trainings.