What is the chanting about?

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If you have been to a yoga class, I’m sure you have heard songs with the words Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.  I am sure the thought has crossed your mind. What is all this chanting about?

Mantras are vibrational words brought together with intention for the power of training the mind.

Think of the word Mantra as Mind Train.

Mantras are ways of training the mind to direct the train of thought.

This brings forth new, more desirable, more spiritual, more healthful, actions.
Mantras are used not only by the mere words themselves, but also the vibrations these words instill within the body.

Mantras are usually done three times, and may be done up to 108 times while someone is performing Japa, or the path of yoga in which one uses beads to keep count of the amount of rounds of the mantras. Some yogis may spend their entire waking state performing many rounds of their mantras.

Some mantras are passed from teacher to student, and some are traditional in the culture of yoga.

Mantra for Teaching Yoga

Om Sa-Ha-Na   Va-Va-Tu

Sa-Ha-Nau   Bhu-Nat-Tu

Sa-Ha Vir-Yam   Kara-Wav-a-Hai


Ma Vid-Vish-Ava-Hai

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


Let us together be protected

Let us together be nourished by Gods Blessings
Together may we join our mental forces and

our strengths for the benefit of humanity
May we work with great energy and be endowed with a sense of purpose

May our efforts at learning together be
luminous and effective

Let us never be poisoned by the feelings of hatred or dispute with each other

May there be peace and serenity in all of
the three universes

Peace, peace, peace