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ALOHA from The Staff at Maui Hot Yoga

Founder & Chief Spiritual Officer of Yoga Oasis- Reverend Mary Grace

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Rev. Mary Grace was born on the day of the Spiritual Warrior. She was born on a horse farm on Long Island. Since her birth she was an avid rider, horse trainer & competitive equestrian. Throughout her childhood upbringing on a horse farm, she was able to understand about daily discipline, training, and the mindset of a rider. With the completive training style of instilling confidence, and utilized the power of visitation. This was to believe mentally she would win the trophy before her events. She uses these techniques in her yoga teaching style.

After traveling the World and studying many of the worlds religions, she choose to go with the best at that time and to take Bikram’s Hot Yoga teacher training at his world headquaters on Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills January, 2000. During that 9 week training she was certified by Bikram to teach Bikram’s Beginners Yoga program. In addition to continuing her studies within her daily Mysore style Ashtanga practice, she has trained with: Bikram Choudhury, Baron Baptiste with whom she went to Maya Talum, Mexico, and did a teacher training in 2001. This was after the 2 years she practiced in his Cambridge, Mass. Baptiste Power yoga studio.

Mary also trained with David Swenson with whom she did a teacher training in 2002 in Vermont, Richard Freeman, Lino Miele, Sri Dharma Mittra who is her current Guru with whom she practices currently at least once a week since 2002, and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. It was in their first meeting Guruji (Jois) asked Mary to come to Mysore and study. During their next practice in NYC Sharat, Guruji’s grandson asked Mary to come to Mysore to learn the Intermediate (Second series) of Ashtanga yoga. Mary eventually made the journey to Mysore & spent 3 months under the daily teachings of her Guru’s. It was there she learned the intermediate series. During her stay in Mysore she also studied pranayama & Ayurvedic massage which she combines with Thai massage and utilizes these tools while teaching classes. Her classes are vitally alive, energized, expressive as well as very intense.

Before yoga, Mary studied and became a Certified Nutritionist, herbalist, and a Reiki healer. MG also went to Thailand and learned Thai Massage at Wat Po, the worlds oldest Thai Massage school. She has studied many styles of yoga and has developed her own style that keeps students coming back every day. She is also available for Nutritional Counseling, as she trained with Dr. Gabriel Cousins at his Tree of Life Rejuvanation center, and she studied herbal medicine with Dr. Michael Tierra. She also received the holy name Sat Darshan Kaur form the late Yogi Bhajan. As owner and proprietor of Yoga Oasis East and West, New York and now Maui Hot Yoga, she teaches Bikram Yoga and Ashtanga yoga. During other times of the year she also teaches the Kids’ Yogarama and leads the Yoga Oasis Teacher Training Seminars.

Also teaching at Yoga Oasis is Reverend James Onnikian

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James Onnikian is a former World Kickboxing Champion and Golden Gloves boxing Champion.

At 5 years old, James found his first mentor Bruce Lee on the television and has always searched to become a master of himself. Through the study of martial arts, James has been deeply connected to his mind, body & spirit. He has practiced the science and lifestyle of Yoga and is a Yogi. James currently conducts yoga Teacher Trainings and owns and operates Maui Hot Yoga and Kickboxing in Hawaii, Yoga Oasis in Woodbury NY, along with partner Mary Grace.

He is the first individual to successfully complete the requirements leading to the designation “Doctorate of Medical Yoga” of the U.H.S.S. In addition James also has extensive knowledge in Natural nutrition including MacroBiotic healing, The Raw & living foods diet, the benefits of fasting for longevity and his life’s knowledge of diet and performance as a Professional athlete.

James also has studied in Thailand in the art of Thai Massage in Wat Po said to be the oldest school in the world. James met his current teacher Dr. Bill Akpinar in 2007 and has since been an apprentice practicing natural and integrative healing and other healing modalities. James mission and DUTY is to preserve the ancient wisdom of Yoga, martial arts and merge the modern discoveries of medical science and putting the fighting spirit into the healing spirit, James hopes to benefit the well being of mankind for years to come.

All Divine knowledge is within us. May we all have peace, health and prosperity. This extensive history of training and learning, James brings to his students a no nonsence, educational and inspirational class that blends intensity with a sense of light heartedness, allowing every student to have fun and feel good while getting the best workout of their lives.



Dr Bill, Dharma & James Onnikian


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Maui Hot Yoga Spring Training 2058Andrea Fors   (500RYT)

Andrea (“Dre”) comes to Maui from Atlanta, GA where she has been teaching pilates, aerial dance, and creative movement for 16 years.  She also performed aerial dance internationally and co-directed the D’air Aerial Dance Theatre’s Professional Company during that time as well.  In 2010, her life took a sharp turn, which led her into her own healing journey and path to practicing and teaching yoga.  On this path, she has been blessed with the support and knowledge of many amazing teachers from all over the world.

Dre is now committed to helping support and inspire others on their own path, to realize their own gifts, and to step fully into their own powers and true self using movement and breath.  Her classes are challenging, but accessible to all, and are embraced with love and compassion. Through a variety of poses, creative movement, and conscious sequencing, Dre’s classes will provide a safe space for you to discover your personal strength, find your lightness and uniqueness, infuse some playfulness, but also leave you feeling more grounded and connected to your higher self and your own path.

New to our teaching team at Maui Hot Yoga


Nicki Silverman – E-RYT-200
Influenced by the fluidity of Prana vinyasa, as well as the physical challenge and alignment focus of Ashtanga’s 1st – 3rd series, Nicki strives to offer students fun & unique ways to discover movement in their practice, encourages a sense of lightness and grace in transitions, as well as a child-like sense of playfulness & bravery.

Dylan Sanders – E-RYT-200

Dylan is a yoga student first and foremost – the dedication he’s given to his practice and studies since 2012 allows him to share my ideas on asana, philosophy, and mindfulness to his students. He believes it is through our dedication that we open doors, and remove the stigmas from falling or “failing”. When we find moments of peace on the mat, we begin to see them off the mat.

We both teach unique and ever-evolving vinyasa classes, based heavily on our dedicated personal practices, blend mindful movements, calisthenic, ideas from 1st-3rd series Ashtanga, and deep core stabilization work. We’re also both arm balance & inversion junkies, and love to work in different paths and ways at looking at advanced asana – from the most fundamental movements to the wackiest transitions.



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We are blessed to have Amber Lee on staff with us since 2010. Contact Amber for all your Paddle Board activities



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