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Yoga Teacher Training & Studio TESTIMONIALS

Here is what the past students of our training are saying…


I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and have never found such a wonderful mixture of people and teachers at a studio.
These people have become like family to me and I love how Mary Grace and James treat us all like we are a part of their own family.

Mary Grace and James are not average yoga teachers. They are amazing, inspirational and have their own unique style of teaching. The classes are serious and driven but also light and playful. I enjoy both of them as teachers because in a full 90 minute class they can not only inspire me to move forward in my life and practice but also laugh, smile, cry, stretch and sweat like crazy. I love this type of yoga and would recommend hot yoga to anyone looking to lose weight, detox or simply change their perspective on life. It is inspirational, loving, nurturing, down to earth, playful and motivational. I feel blessed that we have Mary Grace and James here on Maui as our teachers and highly recommend them and the amazing studio to anyone. Namaste-TB



Thank you both for showing us how to live in a lighter place.  It was a leap into the unknown coming here.  As scary as it was to face that initial fear, it was even more so to confront the ugly aspects of myself that I’ve held onto for so long.  This course certainly wasn’t about swimming in the shallow end of the pool.  This intensive brought awareness to my limitations.  You helped me meet my challenges a lot more elegantly through the group meditation, breath work, and through the physical practice.  In the end, after coming out of that self exposure, I was gifted with loving friendships, a new skill set, and a greater joy for life.

With gratitude,



During my immersion in the advanced teacher training at Maui Yoga I received knowledge and lessons I never expected. The program was steeped in creativity and youthful joy, each day learning was a pleasure. I never expected to conquer poses, fears and remove obstacles in such a graceful manner. In this short month, I faced many of the topics and issues that in my personal life, that where holding me back. I gained confidence in sharing the knowledge as I learned skills in teaching and gained tools to assist students. I realized that without passing through some of the physical, spiritual, and mental challenges I endured, I would not be equipped to help others through these phases. I feel prepared to be a service to my students as I confidently lead them throughout the difficulties and joys of developing a yoga practice. I have read often that one cannot teach or share knowledge about something themselves have not experienced, during this month I feel I experienced the many benefits of an intense and purifying spiritual practice and now feel prepared to lead others along this amazing path.

Om shanti
 Surya Om
February 2013



The Yoga training program headed by Mary Grace has been one of my favorite life experiences as far as personal growth. My belief is that it is a program for anyone with or without the intention of becoming a yoga instructor, due to its profound learning experiences it offers. The training has improved the most basic areas of my life from accepting my it as it is, worrying less, being more active in my family, completing what I start, and obtaining an in depth wisdom that cannot be replaced. The experience with a group of individuals all willing to improve uplifts you to do more and do better as well. Mary Grace carries herself in a way to appeal to those living in our fast paced American lifestyle accompanied with the balance of the authentic spiritual ways from which Yoga’s roots come from. The training has truly engraved a new battle without a fight in me, but rather a subtle approach to improvement. It feels as the only “Chitta” left in my head is the one to keep moving forward towards success.


Where do I begin.  I believe that fate brought me to Maui to Mary and James.  The training I received, the experience I encountered, and the love, acceptance and support I was given has been transforming for me.  I began this program as an almost broken young woman who had lost my way, my confidence, my faith and my “self.”  This was,, by far, the most challenging experience I have had, and I will be forever grateful to Mary and James for seeing me through it all.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost four years ago.  I had spent the past four year in agony, a truly lost soul.  I knew that yoga was good for me, but I could not bring myself to take the path of Yoga as a lifestyle.  But in the path of Yoga, everything happens at the time it is supposed to happen.  For me that time was now and it was with Mary and James.  I truly believe I have found myself, or at least I have started on the right path, for Yoga is a lifetime of practice.  I feel the symptoms of my MS dissipate gradually each day as I practice and meditate.  Through Mary and James, I learned the healing power of Yoga and I gained the confidence and knowledge to share this beautiful experience with others through teaching.  It is my hope to help others, especially those with disease and disability, for there is a better way, a better lifestyle and a better life in general…you just need to be ready for the journey.  I could not imagine doing  this this if it were not for this training with these two wonderful teachers/mentors/gurus who gave me this precious gift: an inspirational and transformational training program that I will cherish and honor forever.

I just want to thank both Mary Grace and James Onnikian for their constant support and faith in me.  Thank you both so much for always challenging me, pushing me to always excel to the next level, never giving up on me, and finally always continually giving me the positive feedback and at times, the tough love that I needed that helped see me through to the end of this training.  I will forever be grateful to you both.

This program has had the most profound effect on my life, and while I feel as though I am without a doubt, a work in progress, I now now however,  have reinstilled confidence in myself and the ability to overcome anything life throws my way.  I came to Maui a relatively broken person, with disease in my body and hurt in my heart.  I can now feel my body ridding itself of toxins and disease and know that I will see the day that I will be disease free, and that will truly be a day to celebrate, as will every day here on out!

“once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places it if you look at it right”~scarlet begonias, grateful dead


Dear Mary & James

Thank you so much for making our week in Hawaii so very special. I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for  (my daughter) Brooke. Your positive words & gifts of wisdom have given her confidence and grace. I m so glad to have met the 2 people that had such a loving & positive influence on her (during her yoga training)

Much love to you both, 

Dear James


I can not thank you enough for all of the inspiring and truly amazing classes I’ve experienced with you this week. You truly helped me to achieve asanas I never though I could do! And the adjustments have really changed the way my body feels and feeling less pain is something I can never repay you for. You are the best yoga instructor I have ever been able to share my practice with and I will always cherish this week as one of huge growth and fulfillment. I look forward to coming back to Maui and continuing to grow in compassion and knowledge in yoga and all realms of its benefits. Thank you! Sincerely Michelle.


Mary Grace

Mahalo for all of your love & wisdom that you have shared with me. I am so honored my yoga teacher journey began with you.

“when one discovers that all lies within, the entire world becomes and adventure”

XO Carly


This will honestly be remembered as one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life. Before signing up for the training I had doubts about weather I had the physical ability and the time to complete a month long intense training course. I am so happy that I did not let these fears stop me. This month has provided me with so many gifts of knowledge, friendships, health improvements,. I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I also feel that I could have not chosen a better studio or instructors to learn from. I thank Mary & James for sharing their knowledge and passion for yoga with me. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me.

YTT student 2013



This month has been an amazing experience for me and I am sad it will be coming to an end. I have learned a great deal about myself, the practice of yoga, and how to better my life day by day. Yoga is a practice that has so many aspects to it. It is a practice that incorporates mind,  body & spirit. A student of yoga may have different ways of deepening their practice. They may choose to meditate or to attend classes with more movement. What I am most excited about is once this course is complete I will have the ability to show and to share with others how to do so. 
YTT student 2013


Training with Mary & James was/is a life changing experience that I will always hold close to me. They give you the tools and the knowledge to build such a strong foundation in your yoga practice, life, and overall help to transform your state of mind. I cant wait to continue my journey and to train with them again! (and again! And again!) YTT student 2013

Alchemy is literally the change of states from the ordinary to the extraordinary. During the training that is exactly what happened. When I came to Maui to train, I did not know what I was getting myself into taking this intense month of training. I figured there would be a ton of doing yoga and having to study a lot of the ancient texts. I had little interest in knowing about. Right away when I came into the first class I knew it was going to be an enjoyable experience from the incredible energy both James & Mary brought to the room. And it didn’t end when class was over either. Their enthusiasm and want to instill us all with the positive things that yoga can bring to a persona life made grasping the most complex lessons easy & fun. Of course, the yoga classes themselves were challenging and enjoyable. From the most advanced practitioners to those just starting out on their yoga journey, Mary & James were able to give me the knowledge and the confidence I needed to become a yoga teacher so that I could pass this gift on to their students of my own in the future. They transformed me from an average student to a promising teacher with their system of making yoga enjoyable while keeping you focused and determined to meet and to surpass your own goals. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher.

-Doug YTT student 2013


This training has been nothing short of a blessing for me. It has opened up my mind and body to things I would have never thought possible., even a year ago. It is very hard for me to pick one single thing out as what I have learned the most but I would have to say it is that I can be a yoga teacher. This training has given me the confidence I needed in myself, my personal practice, the way I live my life, and in the way I interact with others to bring all of that together and to be able to share this gift of yoga with others. My whole reason for coming here in the first place was to be able to help others begin on their own journey with the same compassionate, loving guidance I was shown, that made me want to continue down this path. Completing this training, I have no doubt that I will be able to achieve all of those goals that have brought me to this place.  –YTT student

I could have not asked for a better experience then I received here doing this training with the group I went through this with, and with all the mentors, I have had along the way. I am so thankful for everything that has happened to me over this past month and I will never forget this.   –YTT student


Michael S: “” I was a April/May 2007 student in the training experience at Yoga Oasis. We worked hard over 40 days, gleaned the wisdom and necessary teaching skills from Mary Grace and James, and learned about an assortment of things from Ashtanga/ Dharma Mittra Yoga/ hot yoga and the wisdom and underpinnings of Patanjali and the …Hindu and Yogic Gods and Goddesses that the yogic experience flows from.
Mary’s practical knowledge of things spiritual and yogic were interspersed wisely and effectively throughout the training. We learned to let go in poses, we learned to try variety, to breathe deeper, and to give ourselves over to what yoga has to offer.

After 3-4 weeks by tight back and body began to open up, after 8 weeks my mind was less encumbered and lighter. By grounding us in practice, having us work in pairs and small groups this teacher training was very effective, inspirational and gave me the confidence and skills to find work as a hot yoga teacher.

And , as a studio space opened up in May of 2008, I was able to open a studio in Bayside NY. You too can take this training for personal knowledge or far deeper into your professional or personal journey as your mind allows you. Much thanks to Mary Grace, James, Lara, fellow practitioners and all who have gone before us offering up the teachings. Om Shanti!


Danielle ૐ S: “” This is the studio I trained at to be a HOT YOGA TEACHER!
I see they are giving another Teacher Training soon.

I would (and DO) recommend training to teach at YOGA OASIS to EVERYONE!

It was so educational, fun, and an over all a truly amazing experience. Priceless, in fact.

We began our first day- by learning simple techniques of Thai Yoga Massage- and practiced on each other. What an amazing way to meet your classmates and fellow yogis!
The information I was given- (and GLADY soaked up) I took with me and still have to this very day.

I did become a HOT yoga teacher after this training- in fact I never even taught my class at Yoga Oasis to “pass” the training because I already had a job at a different studio before I could get the chance to practice with a “safe” class.

I know LOTS of people who trained here- TONS teach- two that I know of own their own studios currently- and I may too one day.

If you’re even SLIGHTLY thinking about it- I will tell you it’s totally worth your money and time. Training in a nurturing environment with EXTREMELY educated teachers such as Mary and James was in invaluable experience that I’ll always cherish. Their energy alone was worth it.
Training to teach at Yoga Oasis has made me a better person and certainly taught me how to be a great Hot Yoga Instructor!


Bikram yoga has changed my life for the better. It has enriched me in all areas of re sculpting my body. It has improved my breathing and my awareness in my health,
I have lost inches of weight and have increased my stamina and metabolism.
It has given me a glow in my skin, eyes and attitude. My flexibility and my body alignment has changed in such a short amount of time. This practice is the best part of my life, Moving Forward. Thank you, I am grateful for the teachings of Mary Grace & James Onnikian. 🙂 LR


Maui Hot Yoga has changed my life! Ive been looking for a way to lose weight , relieve stress and calm my mind for years. The classes are intense and focus on the whole person mind, body, spirit fitness. Maui HOT Yoga class is taught by highly experienced instructors Mary Grace and James. They are 100% passionate about the health benefits of Yoga which in turn inspires you to do better. They both teach, motivate and and truly care about your personal success with the practice. The facility on Lipoa street is bar none the best studio ever with attention to detail from the hardwood floors to the smell of eucalyptus in the air. If you want to change your body , your thoughts and be the happiest you have ever been -try it once and like me you will be hooked!


Testimonial for YTT program

Mary is a great portal for delivery of yogic teachings due to her focused lifestyle, which is all about her two studios, living her dreams and helping others. What I like about her is that she walks her own talk. I have particularly liked her influence on my spiritual diet.


Amazing Yoga Teacher training!!  In such a short amount of time; I feel confident to teach a Vinyasa yoga class.  Mary was very informative and had a well planned curriculum.  The whole teacher training package flowed wonderfully.  It also helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of a group.  This training will teach you proper form, class flow, and help you to develop the confidence to become a yoga teacher.  I would highly recommend Yoga-oasis to anyone considering teaching or just improving their own yoga practice.


A year ago, a friend told me that I will become a yoga instructor.  Of course, I took what she told me and threw it to the back of my mind.  A year later….. I signed up for the yoga teacher training at Yoga-Oasis!

I soon realized that I was creating a bond with my new found yogi friends who were also taking the course.  The friendships that were forged will last a lifetime.  I am truly blessed to meet such great people.  Many people think that yoga is all about flexibility.  Through this course I was able to explain to many non-yoga people how yoga is many different things.  Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual.  Within each one of those aspects are many levels.   I can never get bored!  There is so much more to learn.  As I learn, I find people are constantly asking me questions.  Some answers I know and some I do not.  I do not try to make it up, but tell them that I am still learning and will get the answer.   I did not realize that people actually do gravitate toward you as a yogi.  I will continue to practice and meditate so that I can share with everyone.


The most challenging part of the yoga training was overcoming the nervousness of teaching that first class.  Once I got passed that hurdle, I was surprised to learn how much I already knew.  After teaching a few classes, all my training was starting to make sense.


My experience participating in the Yoga Teaching training program was very rewarding.  I never thought that I could ever become a teacher.  I have been practicing for 13 years and became complacent in my practice.  I found myself going to class for the physical aspect of yoga.  The teacher training took my practice to a deeper place.  The knowledge I gained mentally, physically and spiritually is beyond my expectations.  I am looking forward to touching the lives of others with my experience of this amazing teacher training program.

LF 2013


Thank you for your testimonials. The proof is in the practice.

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