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DRINK it UP! written by Mary Grace
Smoothies are a yogis best friend. They are light & packed full of superfoods, vitamins & minerals. Read below for some basic smoothie facts.


  1. Fruit-It is very important to have your freezer stocked full of frozen fruits. Acai, a nutrient packed superfood, is packed with valuable nutrients along with blueberries, of course, all of the berries, peeled frozen bananas, and mango are all wonderful in your smoothie.

2.Protein powder. Our favorite protein powder is called Sun Warrior protein. At 85% protein, Sunwarrior has the highest (non soy) raw (not heated over 90 degrees) whole grain sprouted vegan protein on the market. It has a 98% correlation rate to Mother’s Milk and a 98.2% digestion efficiency making it have one of the highest digestibility and efficiency ratings of any other protein sources (compared to whey and soy)

  1. Cacao powder-Cacao has many health benefits.
    Of course, it’s well known benefit is the amazing amount of energy you can get from cacao. Adding this to your smoothies may help you to lay off the coffee and the other harmful types of morning boosters.
    Cacao is very high in antioxidants, which can help the body in a great many ways. Antioxidants are used in the body much like you would use something to prevent rust on your car. Oxidation in the body creates a reaction very similar to the rusting and the corroding of metals. The antioxidants in cacao can prevent the oxidation of LDL- cholesterol, which is helpful in the protection against heart disease. Eating cacao may help lower blood pressure, boost normal responses to insulin to keep blood sugar levels down, and improve blood vessel function in patients with high blood pressure. Cacao is very high in magnesium. Magnesium is helpful in many health conditions because it helps muscles to relax. Cacao has so many healthy benefits it’s obvious why it is so popular all over the world. Cacao’s worldwide popularity can be because the cravings for chocolate are really cravings for the much needed mineral magnesium.
    Yes, you can have chocolate for breakfast. Its good for you.
  2. Blue green algae powder- Blue green algae is high in very assailable protein. The amino acid profile for blue green algae is very similar to the amino acid needs of humans. It seems blue green algae is the best form of protein for humans. Having the right protein in the morning makes you feel fulfilled longer, so your tendency to sway off the diet is lessened. People taking blue green algae have reported an overall increase in short and long term memory & they have greater ability at problem solving. Klamath lake blue green algae is a vegetarian assailable form of vitamin B12. Klamath lake blue green algae is one of natures most complete foods.
  3. MSM powder- methyl sulfonyl methane
    MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) MSM is thought to work by contributing sulfur compounds within cells. Two small studies suggest MSM may reduce osteoarthritis pain. MSM helps your skin, nails, muscle & tissue.
    Approximately half of the total body sulfur is concentrated in the muscles, skin and bones. One of the most significant uses of MSM as a supplement is its demonstrated ability to relieve pain and inflammation. When rigid fibrous tissue cells swell and become inflamed, pressure and pain result.

MSM makes cell walls permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow into cells and    allowing wastes and toxins to properly flow out.

  1. Maca- Maca is a superfood with an ability to increase energy, endurance and strength
    Peruvian research claims that maca improves memory, increases oxygen in the blood, improves the function of neurotransmitters and increases libido. One of the researchers heading current studies on maca, Peruvian biologist Gloria Chacon de Popivici, Ph.D., suggests that maca alkaloids act on the hypothalamus-pituitary axis and the adrenals. She has theorized that by activating these endocrine glands maca is able to increase energy, vitality and libido.
  2. Ginger- Powdered or fresh- Ginger has a natural heating tendency and is very good in cooler climates, or to simply assist your digestion of a frozen drink. Ginger is a known anti inflammatory and a digestive tonic. It sooths a scratchy throat, helps motion sickness, seasickness and morning sickness, it contains anti viral, anti fungal and can help prevent colds. Ginger is a good antihistamine and is used in the treatment of allergies. Ginger displays anti inflammatory properties and can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and various other muscular disorders. Thus the root has proven to be a highly effective form of treatment, in some cases, even more so than the NSAID’s that are traditionally prescribed. The ancient Greeks used to eat ginger after a large meal in order to ease the digestion process. Due to its promotion of mucus secretion, ginger protects against the development of ulcers, unwanted holes in the lining of your stomach. Ginger has proven to help lower your cholesterol levels and prevent the formation of blood clots. Ginger is often used to settle an upset stomach or treat severe stomach ailments such as dyspepsia or colic.
  3. Tumeric- Tumeric has been used in foods for thousands of years. It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, useful in disinfecting cuts and burns. Tumeric has been reported to assist in lowering cholesterol, detoxifly the liver, be an aid in weight loss, to be an antinflammatory and has been used to treat depression. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Tumeric has been shown to stop the growth of new blood vessels in tumors.

When is a good time to have a smoothie?

Depending on your workout schedule, you may either, wake up, drink your 2 liters of water, make your healing tea, workout and then have your smoothie. Or you may have your smoothie and then have your healing tea midday.


Juicing is when you extract the vital nutrients from fresh organic fruits & vegetables. Juices extract fresh enzymes from the foods and allow the body access to deeper levels of nutritive factors. You may juice citrus, like grapefruit and orange, or you may juice greens, like celery, apple & lemon. We will give you a daily juice recipe in this program.

After trying may juicers, we like the Jack La Lane Juicer the best. This juicer is simple to use & easy to clean. Fresh juices will help you receive the necessary enzymes to help the body reduce inflammation and receive tremendous amounts of vitamins and minerals. From covering these necessary nutritional bases each & every day your body will be less hungry as it has received what it is looking for early in the day. You will lose weight & feel great having a juice every day.

Tips for Juice Fasting:

See the Juice Fast Daily Plan for guidelines.

Drink at least 3-5 glasses of diluted juice per day. If you have any stomach pain, dilute further or “chew” it before swallowing to thoroughly mix with saliva. The actual amount of juice will be about half a quart per day.

While juice cleansing, drink a minimum of 2 quarts of purified water. You can add fresh squeezed lemon to this water, if desired.

One or two cups of herbal tea is recommended. You can use a stimulating one like green tea in the morning and a sleep-enhancing one like chamomile at night before bed.

While fresh juices should be consumed as soon as its juiced, don’t rush & drink in a hurry. Take the time to treat it as a “meal”, mixing it up with your saliva & digestive juices while paying attention to the physical sensations that come from the body’s receiving this nourishment.

Eating the juice with a spoon can help you slow down and feel fuller while giving the comfortable feeling of eating.

So, start your day with a smoothie or a juice. Try three to 5 days cleanses and see how you feel. Its been reported that drinking juices helps people feel better, and they even say they feel more flexible. Why not try the smoothie a day program & let us know how you feel.